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Luvan’s professional teams and experience enable to provide cost-effective fabrication services.



Luvan have a few indoor fabrication shops more than 30,000 m2 in total and more than 200 experienced and professional fabrication workers, which enable to provide quality & safety, cost-effective and on-time fabrication services to our customers worldwide.

What we fabricate

● Mine Shaft Guides, Arc Supports & Steelwork

● Plateworks, Hoppers, Bins, Chutes, Forms & Rings

● General Structural Steelwork


Components in Checking
Assembling Check
Mockup Jig
Assembled Shaft Steelwork
Packaged Shaft Steelwork
Liners in Assembling
Platework in Inspecting
Platework in Checking
Painted Platework
Arc Support Trial Assembling
Platform Shop Trial Assembly
Steelwork Field Installation